Karlot Residential College situated on Main Murree Road, Near Chatter Park Islamabad, Pakistan, Was set up in 2003 based on a unique idea of importing education. The uniqueness of  the idea was to provide:

  • Facility of a Residential Education institution on affordable and low fees with the passion to maintain the standard of education and training of the students equal to the standards of residential institutions of elite class.
  • Introduce the concept of "Day Boarding" which means "Full Day Schooling" keeping the students from morning to evening in the school and keeping them busy in their curricular and co-curricular activities - giving them no homework and leaving no space for extra coaching or tuition.
  • Providing the students and the staff free pick and drop facility from all areas of Rawalpindi and all sectors of Islamabad.
  • Giving the students Religious education Above all sorts of Sectarianism, Starting it from taking an oath daily from them in the morning Assembly that they will practice cleanliness, truth, honesty, promise keeping and tolerance. Teaching them the Holy Quran as a subject, Namaz with Urdu Translation and some other essential things, making the students say all the five prayers with Jamat  compulsory.

When the above was practically done, the institution become popular within a short span of time and till 2007 it had more then 1000 students. Karlot Residential College preformed well in the examinations of Federal Education Board and hence it has gained a status of a prestigious educational institution of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.